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Urima Afa Moasegi

1995-1997 / Bachelor of Ministries (Henderson Campus)

I enjoyed making friends with many ethnic groups. There were many cultural activities where we learned more about other cultures, and I got to share my culture with others.

A fun memory was the sandcastle building competition at Long Bay, which helped build relationships and team work. Many of our families also got involved.

I remember students had chores on Friday afternoon. I requested to clean the kindergarten as my daughter attended there. I enjoyed the community environment and felt it was safe for my family.

My lecturers were Merv Coates, Bill Osborne, Stuart Lange and John Hitchen.

Cell groups, morning devotions and lectures helped me gain deeper knowledge of the Scriptures, and helped discipline me to spend more time with the Lord. Community Involvement Weeks and field work gave me practical experiences of serving in the ministry.

The same weekend of my graduation I was ordained as a pastor at Mascot Bible Chapel in Mangere, an Open Brethren church, where I still currently pastor.

I am grateful for my spiritual growth that continues even to this day. God is constantly moulding and shaping me. The many tools I learned at BCNZ helped me in my ministry. I am thankful to still be serving Him over twenty years after I graduated from BCNZ.

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