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World War 2 Years

The number of male students diminished rapidly in the War years. By 1943 only two men were enrolled, alongside 16 women. By the end of WWII, 108 students had served in the Armed Forces. With an eye to future expansion post-war, the Institute purchased the nearby Music Academy Building, and a printing and publishing company – renaming it The Institute Press. The mid-1940s saw another change in leadership with Mr Robert Laidlaw becoming President and Chair of the Board, and Rev. John Deane appointed Principal. As an ordained minister, with both Arts and Theology degrees, Deane brought a new level of denominational and academic acceptability to the Institute.

1940- Washing up_edited.jpg

Washing up duty


  • Robert Laidlaw, founding trustee, becomes President of the Board and serves in that role for 21 years.

  • Academy building in Queen Street purchased (later named Institute Place)

RA Laidlaw_11x15.jpg


  • Institute Press established for the printing of Christian literature.

  • Rev. John H. Deane appointed Principal 1 December 1945. Previously, he was Vice-Principal of the Baptist College of New South Wales, and minister of the Haberfield Baptist Church.


1939 Basket Ball-Hilda 2nd from Rt  back row.jpg

NZBTI Basketball Team

Printing and publishing of BTI was done by Scott & Scott Ltd from early days; on death of senior partner in 1944, the plant and goodwill of the business was purchased by NZBTI for the sum of 2,900 pounds.

Expanding Horizons pg 111

Cleaning up at end of term_edited.jpg

 Cleaning up at end of term 


  • A NZBTI Bookroom is opened to cater for the expanding literature ministry of the College. It is housed in the Academy Building in Queen Street, purchased by the College in 1943 (later renamed Institute Place).

  • First Maori student: Emma Kake


  • Miss Kath Tate fills Matron's role for 3 years

NZBTI in 1947

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