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Branch colleges in Nelson and Manawatu were opened in 1980, and an Extension Studies Department was established to facilitate the running of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programmes around New Zealand. A new level of church-college partnership was reflected in the Ministry Internship programme, launched in Christchurch in 1983 and offered by other branches during this decade. 

After 24 years of service, David Stewart stood down at the end of 1988. Vice-Principal Rev. Ian Kemp took on the role of interim Principal. During his term, the College built up its faculty and served 550 students in five campuses, with hundreds studying by extension. 

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  • Branch colleges set up in Manawatu and Nelson.

  • External Studies Courses start (replacing Bible correspondence courses established by Joseph Kemp). Twelve courses covering the whole Bible are designed for small groups in church communities around NZ.

  • Lecture Rooms 3, 4 and 5 built on the Henderson campus.


  • Ministry Internship programme begins in Christchurch, and then spreads nationally through branch colleges.


  • The College Foundation established to begin the process of creating an endowment for the College’s future.



  • Student involvement in the Luis Palau Mission sparks renewed emphasis on evangelism, with numbers getting involved in open air evangelism, prison ministry and clubs.

  • 17 students go on missionary field trips to 8 countries over the summer of 1987.


 Vice-Principal Rev. Ian Kemp appointed Interim Principal when David Stewart resigns due to ill health. 

Duties early 80s_edited.jpg

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The Soap With Hope

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