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Allen McClymont

1991-1993 / Master of Divinity (Henderson Campus)

I loved my time at BCNZ, and what I learnt inspired me to go and teach in Malaysia. I remember eating courgettes every way possible, and the culinary delight of breaking up pieces of cheese and putting them in soup. Inspired by Chariots of Fire, we organised our own version of racing around the quad through the corridors and passageways of the college. ‘Love Your Lecturer’ Day was another favourite. I also remember we bought a raffle ticket for the treasurer to see if ‘God would provide’ through it. I made friends that I still keep in touch with, and remember Bob Glen, Bill Osborne and Chris Marshall with great affection.

As I said above, my studies inspired me to want to teach. I remember writing an essay on the kind of missionaries Romania needed, and concluded that they needed people to train church leaders. BCNZ inspired me to a lifelong desire to understand the Bible better.

After BCNZ I went back to the UK to work as an auditor. I subsequently did a Masters in Theology at King’s College, and in 2003 my wife and I became members of OMF International. In 2004 I started teaching New Testament at Seminary Theology Malaysia (STM), where John Roxborogh used to teach.

I am now based in London, and my wife and I are OMF's Area Representatives in London.

I am grateful to God for his grace to me, and the way we have been blessed by him, in spite of my mistakes, failures and sins.

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