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Anne Bruning

1970-1972, 1990 & 1995 / Diploma in Theology (MCD), Certificate of Missionary Studies, Bachelor of Theology (ACT) (Henderson Campus)

My memories of my College days are waking to penetrating morning pips, early morning kitchen duty and the toast machine, ironing the dining room place mats, and eating Granny Smith apples from the orchard. In the 1970s, lecture notes and assignments were written by hand or by typewriter. In the 1990s, students had laptops, and the spacious library above the dining room.

College gave me the opportunity to worship, study, pray and relax, in community, with fellow Christians from a range of Christian churches. They enriched my faith journey and broadened my understanding of the family of God. This experience was good preparation for working with OMF colleagues, Indonesian and Filipino Christians.

The example of the lecturers and staff, who served us so graciously, sacrificially, and wholeheartedly, in Jesus’ Name, demonstrated what it meant to live out our Christian life. Rev. David Stewart reminded us that loving God included loving him, “with all your mind.” We were encouraged to read Scripture carefully and thoughtfully, with the opportunity to learn Hebrew and New Testament Greek. To know the text well, and then read widely. There was space to be quiet with God privately, and corporately, to seek God’s direction for my life. The Certificate of Missionary Studies included practical topics, such as internal parasites, which proved most useful in the following years!

After study at BCNZ I had the privilege of working in the Hornby Presbyterian church, Christchurch, for six months. I was accepted as a member of OMF, and sponsored by an Indonesian church of 700 congregations, to assist in teaching, training, and preaching (1973 – 1989). When my work permit was not renewed, I returned to New Zealand, and in 1990 did a year’s further study at BCNZ. In 1991, I moved to serve in the Philippines, with OMF, in a small rural Bible College.

Left: Picnic with Sunday School Teachers

Right: Farewell to Colleagues in the Philippines

In 1995, I returned to BCNZ to complete a Bachelor of Theology from ACT. (Twenty-six years to gain a degree, must be quite a record!) In 1996, I returned to the Philippines, and, at the request of the Mangyan Director of an ethnic minority Bible School, I assisted in teacher training and a revision of their curriculum.

In 2002, I returned suddenly to New Zealand to care for my parents, and was also able to encourage OMF Prayer Group leaders in the upper North Island. After my parents’ passing, I had the pleasure of working in the Rangeview Intermediate library for several years, until my retirement.

Currently, I am a member at Blockhouse Bay Baptist. I prayerfully and practically support the pastors and members in whatever way I am able. I am a member of a Thursday evening small group and facilitate a Wednesday morning small group.

I am grateful to God for:

  • His gift of Christian parents who loved, supported, and prayed for me throughout my life.

  • The opportunity to study at BCNZ, and live on campus, 1970 -1972. In order to study at BCNZ in 1990, I received an OMF J. O. Sanders’ scholarship, and Rev. David and Dorothy Stewart made their flat available to me.

  • For life-long friendships, formed through the years of study at BCNZ.

  • The immense privilege of working with OMF, Indonesian, and Filipino, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

  • The daily, loving call, of our wonderful triune God, to continue to grow in loving, knowing and trusting Him.

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