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Ray McKendry

1974-1975 / BCNZ Diploma (Henderson Campus)

We had a men’s dormitory in 1974-75; the central passageway was termed “THUNDER ALLEY”! The wooden floors were likely to be pretty noisy with quite large men traipsing up and down them, especially at night after lights out!

The music was interesting. I had a 25 watt per channel stereo with a turntable, radio and a tape player connected to it and yes, it could make quite a noise. Spiritual music only, you understand!

We had great devotional times in the lounge in the mornings. Brent Chambers was a great blessing on the guitar and vocals, and the testimonies from the men made you just cry and love them for the rest of the time you had with them.

The food was good. Sally Buxton and her helpers did a wonderful job. We learned how to clean pots and the kitchen efficiently, and to the cook's satisfaction, or else!

The fellowship was so rich. Most people would listen to you and pray with you even if you did not know them very well.

Dr Stewart and his dear wife were of great comfort to me when I had a sad loss in my family in my first year. They were so tender, understanding, and considerate.

Some friends I made, I think, were distant after the two years I had at Henderson but quite a few were only a phone call away.

We had great lecturers like Rev. Rob Kirkby, Rev. Bob Glen, Rod Edwards, Rev. Francis Foulkes, Rev. Dr David Stewart, Rev. Vic Johnston, and visitors like J.O. Sanders, Prof. E.M Blaiklock, Corrie Ten Boom, and a wonderful Brethren preacher (whose name escapes me) preached on Isaiah 6. A wonderful blessing.

My studies moved me massively toward Christian egalitarianism and Christian mission.

Afterwards, I married a fellow student and became a minister in the Presbyterian Church, in that order. These days I am retired and preaching in a Baptist Church.

I’m grateful for God’s grace in Jesus Christ, or I would be lost. Also, the wonderful people he sent into my life.

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