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Peter Jordan

2008-2016 / Bachelor of Theology (Distance Learning)

Studying at a distance meant that I did not meet anyone personally, however the online chats and forums definitely brought us together in spirit. Everyone was there for each other and assistance was a mere forum entry away. The first time I experienced the physical community was at Graduation in Christchurch. I was welcomed as though I had been there for the entire course, and many interesting discussions were held at that event.

I found my studies gave me the opportunity to think of different views of the Biblical message. I got to see how many theories can be equally correct, and what the fundamental Christian beliefs were as well. Having to study at home in my own time taught me the importance of setting time aside for each activity I needed to do. That my contributions to the overall class were so well received also made a difference in my understanding of myself, and allowed me to be more confident when sharing my walk with God.

I have continued my work as a Systems Designer, but am now able to share more about scripture in my work life. I have also had the opportunity to put my skills to work for a few talks at church, as well as being able to put some of God's words into my children's books. Each book in my series is based on a Biblical theme – the first one was the brotherly struggle of Cain and Abel, and the second the turning of Saul into Paul. The theme for my third is still to be given to me.

I’m a father and husband, and an elder at church. I strive to also remain faithful to God, and explore new ways to bring scripture to the world via the internet and my fictional books.

I’m thankful for my wife, my children, and the opportunity to learn about God and Jesus in scripture. I am grateful for the journey God has put in place for me, and I feel very blessed – and I know there is even more in store for me in the future.

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