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Louise Humphreys

2001-2020 / Bachelor of Theology (Distance Learning)

I completed my studies by distance while working as a nurse and studying overseas in around ten different countries, not counting all the countries I spent a few weeks in while working on my studies. I remember the challenges of trying to upload assignments with slow internet in Juba, shredding my course notes after hours in Afghanistan, lying in a hammock writing an essay in Sudan and sitting in a chair in the mud in South Sudan reading assigned readings.

As a Christian my studies have equipped me to explore more about faith in action in my world, given me a love for the Church, and especially helped me to explore how the Church has moved and shaped history. In my work as a nurse I see people at crisis moments in their lives and have an opportunity to share the love of God with them tangibly, and sometimes with conversations that speak to them at an existential level.

I’m currently a nurse at Christchurch ED.

I am grateful for the opportunity to explore more about my faith, but also see the hand of God throughout history, moving and shaping it.

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