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2016-2021 / Bachelor of Counselling (Christchurch Campus)

Something that I will take with me is the actual care I received over my time studying and doing life at Laidlaw. Studying previously at another university, I felt like just another number.

The staff were always encouraging and supportive through my journey of becoming a counsellor.

A few funny moments were always at the reception desk. I would kneel down (as I’m quite tall) and most people would comment something along the lines of ‘kneeling to royalty,’ (Christine or Gill)!

My time at Laidlaw saved my faith in God. Beforehand, I was hurt by life and church family through an event. Without this time at Laidlaw I probably would have just continued to be angry at God and the church. A big thing it strengthened in me is the ability to sit with brokenness and the unknown in a safer way and be okay with it; not necessarily needing to 'fix' it. The healing throughout the programme has made the future more hopeful and engaging for feelings and past experiences.

Since study, I became a dad to our first baby. I’m seeking counselling work, and enjoying the time off study to relax and restore before heading into vocational work. As I write this (2 December 2021), I’m waiting for baby to come out of the hospital!

I’m grateful to God for healing my heart from past hurts, and giving me an understanding of who God is in the tension of now and yet to come.

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