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Geoffrey Hinds

1977-1979 / Bible College Diploma and Bachelor of Divinity (through Melbourne College of Divinity) / (Henderson Campus)

I remember the kitchen duties and other housekeeping matters. I enjoyed the meals including the 'recycled' ones! This set me up for life.

I remember playing the organ during chapel (I had lessons from a visiting organist); cell groups; learning to stand in front of a classroom as part of a Religious Instruction assignment; in-depth study of the Bible, Theology, Church History.

In my time at College, my Religious Instruction assignments taught me to value young people. I learnt self-discipline, especially rising in the morning, and culinary skills – to this day I enjoy my porridge for breakfast. I gained a new understanding of the Bible, fusing head and heart.

I had intended to go overseas to teach Theology at a Third World college, but the difficulties of obtaining a visa plus upheavals in my support church caused me to change direction. Unhappy with the way my church was heading, I resigned and joined another local church where I fitted in like a glove. I joined the choir, became an assistant organist, and led a Bible Study group. I took up piano teaching and joined the Institute of Registered Music Teachers (IRMT) after I had gained my piano teaching diploma.

Later I played the piano for pre-school ballet classes and joined the Auckland Art Song Group as an accompanist. I eventually joined the Committee of IRMT Auckland Branch as well as the Committee of the Auckland Art Song Group. I am still at the same church, now the sole organist.

I am semi-retired from piano teaching with a few pupils. I still play for the ballet classes and Art Song Group. Recently I joined a conservation volunteer group, weeding and planting on Mount Eden, as well as a similar group in Rosebank by the Whau river which presented more of a challenge.

I am grateful to God for good health at present. Some years ago, I suffered from various ailments as well as a minor stroke. I was well looked after in my frequent visits to hospital. I’m also grateful for a roof over my head and enough finance to live on, freedom to read the Bible and other Christian writings, and a supportive church.

During lockdown, I was thankful for a good supply of CDs and books and a sense that life for me gets better.

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