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Elizabeth Bruce

1977-1978 / BCNZ Diploma (Henderson Campus)

My husband Jim and I came to BCNZ as a married couple, having met in Papua New Guinea whilst support workers with Asia Pacific Christian Mission (APCM). It was with some reservation that we undertook studies, having not done any since college/high school days.

A great deal of our time was spent at our desks or in the library. Community life, staying in a 12 x 12 room and carrying out duties were a challenge after a year running a full programme in Port Moresby.

Lecturers were SO appreciated for their knowledge, imparted with transparency and devotion. We learned how much we didn't know, and the value of time spent in discovery of God and His Word.

Bible in Schools, holiday programmes, giving devotions and sharing in outreaches were all formative experiences, as well as Sunday School teaching and links with Te Atatu Union Church.

We enjoyed the international flavour of college, and friendships formed continue to this day. The interaction with such a great variety of people prepared us well for life. Jim's time as a Senior Student was also valuable.

We were well equipped for return to APCM in Port Moresby and to work with Evangelical Church of PNG, including Bible in Schools, Girls and Boys Brigade, Sunday School Teacher training, Women’s Ministry and Church Services, supporting our national brothers and sisters. A large part of our ministry was hospitality and support of missionaries, with our college experience having taught us how varied people are and how precious they are in God's sight.

Jim and I were blessed to serve with APCM until 1988 when we returned to NZ with our two sons. We were welcomed into Jim's home church and have worshipped with Island Bay Presbyterian since.

Jim and I trained to be Facilitators for Toolbox Parenting with Parenting with Confidence (now Parenting Place) and shared with hundreds of parents over many years.

Jim died in 2016. I continue to work as a Health Care Assistant with District Nursing, and am on Parish Council, Pastoral Care and am the church's Prayer Enabler. My sons and I are also part of the music ministry.

I’m grateful for a Christian upbringing in a loving home, mentoring from my home church (The Baptist City Tabernacle in Brisbane), the experience of serving in PNG, my godly, committed and loving husband and two beloved sons, and God's unfailing provision and constant presence.

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