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1966-1967 / NZBTI Diploma (Henderson Campus)

I still remember the etiquette talk at the beginning of the year, including the 'dress code' for the evening meal. And the gender division in the lecture rooms. Mr Stewart was new in his Principalship at the time, and his lectures in Matthew were mouth-watering, leaving you wanting more – so enjoyable.

My time at BTI made me realise that people from other denominations saw some things differently. My eyes were opened to different expressions of faith, and that Christians acted and reacted in different ways.

After College, I returned at first to my previous occupation (silk screen printing), before developing a deepening interest in overseas mission... and a deepening relationship with a young lady I met in College! After marriage to the aforementioned young lady (Valmai Harris), we applied to UFM (Unevangelised Fields Mission)/APCM (Asia Pacific Christian Mission - now Pioneers), and served for thirty years in Irian Jaya (now West Papua).

Following Missionary Service, I spent seven years in Baptist Church ministries (Stoke and Hillcrest) before retirement. We are now resident in Brisbane, and I’m serving in church-related ministries (home group leadership, grounds maintenance, ushering, etc.), am involved with social services (Meals on Wheels etc.), and personal involvement with other residents in our Village environment. Our daughters live close by with their families, and we have much interaction and involvement with them.

I am grateful for God's call to serve Him in ministry and mission.

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