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Dawn Tayles (née Fox)

1962-63 / NZBTI Diploma (Henderson Campus)

I went to BTI to learn what I believed so that I could help my friends and Indian friends in Pukekohe. I knew the Bible stories but didn’t know where they fitted into the Bible. I enjoyed discovering this, plus making Christian friends, the fun, and getting to know and hear from godly lecturers.

My time at BTI helped give me the courage to speak in open air meetings, though it made me petrified of preaching sermons. It helped me grow as a Christian. I wish we had spent more time in prayer and getting to know God as well as study.

After BTI I went to India (Tripura State) to teach at St Paul’s school, but I had to come home in 1971 because the Indian government would not renew my permit. I taught in Christchurch for two and a half years, and then married a sheep farmer and became a farmer’s wife in Southland.

My husband died in 2002 and after staying in Tapanui for several years I came to Tauranga because my three children are all in the North Island. I am retired and living in Greenwood Park retirement village in Tauranga. I have been very involved with the chapel here in the village.

I am grateful to God for giving me a kind Christian husband, three beautiful children, and five lovely grandchildren. I am also grateful that He has chosen me, and I know I have the hope of living with the Lord and my family in heaven for eternity. What a privilege! It will be fun meeting all my Indian friends again.

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