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Wendy Berger

1965-1966 / NZBTI Diploma (Henderson Campus)

I remember the missionary periods at NZBTI. One speaker couldn’t come and they had a set of slides and tape on the Afghan Border mission (now defunct). By the end of the last period before lunch I knew this was the mission. Two people on the way to the dining room said, “This is the mission for you.” God had before this shown me what part of the world to go to.

God called me at about 10 years of age, through Ropeholders. After asking around I was told I needed to go to BTI to be accepted for overseas work. I knew nothing when I went to BTI.

After my study at BTI I completed a psychiatric course at Hanmer Springs, and then went to Bach Christian Hospital (BCH) in north Pakistan. On my first furlough I trained in midwifery. I feel I have fitted into life out here – I work mostly in the villages. Currently I see patients as a nurse part time.

I am grateful that I've had reasonable health to be here so long. I’m also grateful that the founders of BCH, Mr and Mrs Ringer, were here for forty years, and that settling in here was not difficult. I now have many friends here. The locals need to do the reaching out and talking now – contacts can come through travel on public transport.

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