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Valmai Riley (née Harris)

1965-1966 / NZBTI Diploma (Henderson Campus)

I enjoyed community living and the many good friends made, as well as good experiences with Open Air work in New Lynn. I appreciated all the lecturers, but was relieved the homiletics lecturer confirmed my gifts did not include preaching!

The weekly missionary sessions confirmed my desire to pursue the Lord's call into mission. Thus, with mission in mind, I went on to do midwifery training to add to my nursing qualification. Marriage to my significant other (Jim Riley), who I met at College in my second year (his first), allowed us to move as a family to Irian Jaya/West Papua a couple of years later.

Medical ministry allowed me to teach clinic workers and village midwives in the remote villages of the highlands. As often happens in mission work, earlier life experience also allowed me to take on the Field Treasurer position for many years.

We now serve in our local church through home group and greeting at services. I enjoy friendship amongst the ladies in our village living situation, and provide support for our three daughters and families, who all live within a short distance of us here in Brisbane. We also lead a local area Pioneers Prayer Group.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in a different culture, and still have many friends there who are continuing in their faith and ministry roles. I am also grateful for God's peace throughout many difficult situations, especially while on the 'field'. And lastly, I am grateful for a close, supportive family who are all following the Lord.

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