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Rev. Dr Geoff New

1993-1995 / Bachelor of Ministries (Henderson Campus)

My three years of study at BCNZ was incredibly formative and being under the teaching of highly skilled faculty was a privilege. Lecturers such as David Crawley, Chris Marshall, Paul Windsor, Sheila Pritchard, Merv Coates, Bill Osborne, Tony Plews, Stuart Lange, Rod Edwards, Edward Sands, Max Liddle, and Bob Glen. Of course, life-long friendships were birthed during that time among fellow-students. And as things turned out - with faculty too. To this day Paul Windsor, David Crawley, and Tony Plews remain very close friends.

Perhaps of all the disciplines - two stand out: Biblical studies and Spiritual formation. Both "conspired" to empower me to delve deeply into the Scriptures. Truly a deeply transformative time.

After my BCNZ studies, I went to Knox College Dunedin (School of Ministry) for two years to train for Presbyterian ordained ministry. The class numbered three: me, Mark Johnston, and Mark Keown. After graduating, I was minister at Papakura East and Hunua Presbyterian Church (1997-2015). During that time, I was also Police Chaplain for Counties-Manukau District (2000-2005); adjunct lecturer in preaching at Laidlaw (2000-2006); and have been a trainer for Langham Preaching for south Asia since 2011. Through Langham Literature, I have authored three books on preaching. I am currently working on a 4th focused on the parables. Paul Windsor is collaborating on this project along with two others in Latin America.

In 2015, I commenced as Dean of Studies of Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (Dunedin) and was appointed Principal in 2022.

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