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Leonie Hollis (née Clarke)

1978-1979 / Christian Service Course (Henderson Campus)

I enjoyed the duties, especially waitressing. I even came to like doing vegetables early in the morning, and washing windows on weekly duties. I appreciated the orderly way of life, the community living and getting to be friends with so many. I enjoyed the occasional game of tennis. I appreciated how those who had cars were willing to loan them to me. I treasure the memory of my wonderful lecturers, and their godly examples and teaching. I also remember the banter between lecturers. David Stewart was such a humble, godly servant of the Lord. I enjoyed having a little room to call home and having Ruby, my best friend, right next door. I think God planned that. I enjoyed daily chapel times, the singing and worship, and hearing the testimonies of so many. I enjoyed all the practical activities, both those through college and those with my partnership churches. Teaching Bible in Schools, Open Air Services and helping with a kids’ club were really good experiences. Although I came from Australia, God gave me two families to be part of outside of college life. College was also like a big family.

My time at college helped me to learn how to study the Bible. I learned how to teach Bible in Schools, which set me up for a few decades of teaching in schools in New South Wales. I learned dependence on God, but also to realise that He also will help others to lead and help me. I didn't realise that the enemy was pulling me down until one night my wonderful friend Ruby read an article entitled, "Hands off Satan, I'm God's property". That was a major turning point in my personal and spiritual development. Up until that point I didn't realise that even though I am a child of God, the enemy was still able to cause trouble for me.

In 1982 I went to Papua New Guinea with APCM (Asia Pacific Christian Mission, now Pioneers). There I served as a secretary in a hospital. I also ran a girls’ club, and did devotions with nurses. In 1984 I married Robert Hollis in PNG. After a year at Tahlee Bible College (Australia) in 1986, we went back to PNG for a further twelve months. When our children were older I began teaching Bible in Schools, which I did for more than 25 years.

I am retired from disability support work now, and am not teaching Bible in Schools on a regular basis. I am available to help and mentor when needed. We are volunteers for Operation Christmas Child, which is an arm of Samaritan’s Purse. We will travel and be available to help when opportunities arise.

I am very grateful for God's faithfulness, constant strength, and direction for my life. I am so grateful that I can depend on God's presence by His Holy Spirit through good and difficult times.

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