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Justina Hammond

2003-2007 / Diploma of Counselling (Henderson Campus)
2019-2021 / Bachelor of Counselling (Henderson Campus)

One of my greatest highlights during my time at Bible College was having my engagement party on the Henderson campus. It was an eighties themed party and was held in rooms that are barely used for lectures now. I remember food shared in the dining room with my fellow hostel mates and my husband-to-be. The girls who helped with the party decorations did a fantastic job.

The counselling course gave me the foundation to cope with my husband’s passing not long after graduation. The practical teaching that I learned about grief and other topics prepared me well, and I had a significant time of inner transformation.

After study, I was looking after my husband full-time as his health deteriorated. I worked alongside others in a caregiving role and went back to Early Childhood relief teaching for a time. I used listening skills and compassion learned in counselling to assist me with those roles. I ministered to many disabled young people, young children, parents and teachers in the community. I did pastoral care and had a small group leadership role in a local church.

I then returned to upgrade to a degree in counselling at Laidlaw College.

I’m grateful to God for making my husband happy the time I had with him. Our beautiful wedding day is the most memorable day of my life. God's grace, mercy, provision, protection, faithfulness helped me through each season of life I've been through. I’m thankful for the love of Christians in the community of church and at Bible College and now the Laidlaw community.

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