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Glenys Hipgrave (née Dixon)

1977-1978 / BCNZ Diploma (Henderson Campus)

My student days were crazy busy – I seemed to be running all the time, with before-meal or after-meal duties. Study was a challenge for someone who is not still in one place for long. My choice of creative writing, English literature, choir and choral enabled me to move through pre-emptive grief as my mother was dying. Auditing a third-year subject of pastoral care helped also. The love, care and understanding from some of the students and staff was incredibly powerful and appreciated. My grandfather also died while I was there.

I loved being able to wander down to the orchard to pick up some fallen apples, plus having a tree right outside my bedroom window was living and healing. Denise Edwards was very welcoming in their home. It helped that I knew Rod and Denise previously. I also became friends with two of the office staff. One of my most precious experiences was being involved with the choir, as well as solo parts in the Easter production.

Studying was a character-building time. It threw me into experience after experience. It stretched me well beyond my desire. The oneness with students was enriching; caring for each other, praying for each other, working together.

After my studies I did some retail work and looked after my mother, and then I completely unexpectedly met the man who was to become my husband!

Now retired, I keep in touch with my children and grandchildren, as well as knitting for charity.

I am grateful for God’s guidance, protection and provision.

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